Formitize launches specialist OCR Digital Division

Formitize, an Australian developer of paperless mobile form and data collection solutions, is launching a new dedicated Digital Division focussed directly on OCR Capture, Paper & Invoice Processing.

Formitize has historically focussed on ‘formitizing’ a client’s existing internal business forms and workflows. The main focus has been in the mobile environment with the aim of converting paper forms to smart, paperless forms with automated workflows to help businesses run more efficiently and remove all the issues associated with existing paper forms.

The new Digital Division is focussed on documents coming into the business from external sources such as suppliers and getting them paperless too!

This includes a wide variety of cases including  Application Forms, Delivery Notes, Order Forms, Purchase Orders, Receipts, Paper Timesheets, Human Resource Documents, Questionnaires, Claim Forms, Agreements, Accounts Payable Invoices, or any other inbound paper documents that need to be processed.

Heading up the Digital Division in the Asia Pacific region is Anthony Smiljan and Luke Morgan while the US & Canadian regions are led by Bill Vowell and John Williams.

A Free Trial of the Formitize service is available at