ActivePDF unveils server-based OCR

ActivePDF, a developer of PDF automation tools, has announced the release of DocSight OCR to enable business professionals to gain better control of their PDF documents and processes. This allows businesses to convert PDF files into searchable-text, edit and archive PDF in high volume environments with ease, speed and high fidelity.

“Today, competitive businesses expect much more from their PDF providers than they did in the past,” says Tim Sullivan, CEO and Chief Architect at ActivePDF.

“It’s not just converting files to PDF that businesses are seeking. DocSight OCR provides our customers the power to search, capture, and edit words and phrases in hundreds of languages – faster than ever before. Adding DocSight OCR to a document workflow environment delivers users accessibility to the content within any PDF document more efficiently and effectively with maximum accuracy.”

DocSight OCR features include:

  • REST API – From network-hosted to cloud-based, DocSight OCR enables easy document submission from virtually any platform.
  • Watched Folder Interface – Utilise drag-and-drop processing. Individual folders can be configured for specific scenarios, providing more granular control over document processing settings.
  • File Size Optimisation – Content and image compression allows more control of the output file size.
  • PDF Security – Secure PDF documents with RC4 40-bit, 128-bit or AES 128-bit, 256-bit encryption. Includes password protection, disable printing and duplication prevention.
  • Support for ISO Standards – Generate PDF and PDF/A from source files.
  • Multi-Lingual Supports over 120 languages, including Asian language module to support Japanese, Korean, Chinese Simplified and Chinese Traditional.


DocSight OCR is available starting at $US1,999. The product is offered direct through ActivePDF and their corporate partners.