Foxit ups accessibility in PDF Compressor

Foxit Software has announced the latest release of PDF Compressor, which has been enhanced to make scanned documents more accessible for people with disabilities using assistive technology. PDF Compressor now features automatic tag generation that improves the ability of screen readers to understand document content.

PDF Compressor helps organisations convert documents from paper to digital formats.  During this process, the software automatically generates tags that enable screen readers to identify content and order better.

PDF Compressor will, for example, tag artefacts such as headers and footers that get repeated on every page, eliminating them from being read repeatedly, improving the listening experience.  Another example of PDF Compressor's effectiveness is its ability to identify multiple columns to inform screen readers of the correct reading order of content.

Major new features of PDF Compressor include:

  • Eliminates cost and time intensive manual work identifying and tagging document structures which could, for a typically-sized document, equate to hours saved
  • Improves conversion of scanned documents into highly compressed PDF/A files
  • Recognises document structure and assigns appropriate tags during the text recognition process
  • Identifies headers, tables, images and their signatures in scanned documents allowing them to be differentiated from the general body text.