ABBYY Real-Time Recognition SDK Adds Instant Data Capture Functionality

ABBYY has announced the release of the new version of the ABBYY Real-Time Recognition Software Development Kit (RTR SDK) with added data capture functionality on iOS and Android mobile platforms. The Real-Time Recognition technology is capable of pulling text information from on-screen objects and automatically converting it into digital data on the mobile device.

Using the live video stream, the new RTR SDK is able to extract text and data even from complex textures and objects set in natural scenes. Delivering high text conversion accuracy, items converted using ABBYY real-time recognition technology require little to no verification by the user.

The ‘point and capture’ technology enables software developers to build customizable apps that allow users to collect information from documents, objects and complex textures. It works by pointing the smartphone camera to display the text on the preview screen, following which, the data is automatically extracted and processed on the device.

Mobile apps powered by the technology will help enterprises enhance processes such as customer onboarding and motivate existing customers to use self-service technologies.

"One of the challenges companies face in today's business environment is the pressure to deliver data anywhere at any time. Our new point-and-capture technology speeds up data acquisition processes, reduces costs by facilitating customer onboarding, and increases customer satisfaction and loyalty by providing users with self-service capabilities. Thanks to Real-Time Recognition SDK, manual data input will very soon be a relic of the past as more and more forward-thinking organizations embrace mobile recognition and instant data capture,” comments Bruce Orcutt, Senior Vice President of Product Marketing at ABBYY.

A wide variety of enterprises and organizations, ranging from banks and insurance companies to logistics, healthcare and telecom, can increase customer satisfaction and loyalty through easy-to-use data capture-enabled applications. This can significantly speed up complex registration processes, such as opening an account, applying for a mortgage or loan, or entering a payslip. Instead of filling-in paper forms by hand, which takes time to process and is error-prone, customers can now instantly capture the required data using their mobile handsets. The information is then directly transferred to an online form or custom app for processing.

Additionally, the ABBYY Real-Time Recognition SDK provides an intuitive and accurate way to capture codes on loyalty cards, recharge scratch cards and vouchers, or serial numbers on devices, and input the extracted data into the required fields in the app. As no images are sent to the server or stored on the device, the ABBYY Real-Time Recognition technology is well suited for processes that require compliance with security and privacy rules.

Innovative features include:

  • Out-of-the-box capture of data from bank cards, IDs, driver’s licenses, and passports for a wide range of countries
  • Out-of-the-box capture of International Bank Account Number (IBAN) and information from Machine-Readable Zone (MRZ) of IDs
  • Support of custom data capture using regular expressions
  • Recognition and extraction of text of any colour from any background or complex textures

For more information contact Contact ABBYY at or on  (02) 9004 7401.