Ephesoft Releases Transact Mobile SDK 4.0 with Deep Learning Capabilities

Ephesoft has announced the release of version 4.0 of the Transact Mobile SDK. The new version applies the latest evolution in image quality, deep learning, mobile architecture and security features to provide flexibility, accuracy and capture functionality on mobile devices.

“Mobile technology has become indispensable and a critical component to distributed businesses. With Ephesoft’s new SDK release, we’ve taken our mobile platform to an advanced level using leading-edge software tools. For example, deep learning is employed in our live-edge detection functionality that has historically been a challenge for identifying document boundaries on mobile devices. This new approach captures clearer images,” explained Ike Kavas, CTO at Ephesoft.

The deep learning code in the Ephesoft SDK acts as a neural network that emulate human eyes in identifying colours, patterns and boundaries to detect edges of documents or images. Deep learning is a much more insightful methodology than simple bitonal image recognition because of its predictive capabilities, drawing on how humans think and learn.

This system has been previously trained and therefore, can predict edges, even when the camera is on smooth or noisy (textured) surfaces because it is already part of a sophisticated platform. Credit card recognition is also new feature that utilizes deep learning to not only detect edges, but extracts text and numbers.

Other noteworthy features in the Transact SDK include image auto-capture and auto-alignment so mobile devices can normalize and recreate images that are comparable to images from topline scanners. Further, both online and offline batch processing is available so users can complete character recognition, document classification and data extraction offline. Once the device is connected to the Transact server, it will automatically update any new information.

Privacy and security is also enhanced in the latest Transact Mobile SDK version. Ephesoft has created a private directory where images are stored when using a mobile device. Upon exiting the application, the directory is completely erased. Similarly, the SDK supports run-time user permission for content storage and camera access.

Other new developments include the use of modern ARM 64-bit architecture, which allows for increased memory for more processing work. Image enhancement tools, simple barcode interpretation and on-device OCR all drastically improve data accuracy.

Ephesoft Transact Mobile SDK 4.0 is now available for iOS or Android devices. Ephesoft SnapDoc 4.0, a sample application that leverages the SDK, can be downloaded for free. Learn more at Ephesoft.com