Foxit Launches PDF Compressor for Linux

Foxit Software has released a PDF Compressor Command Line Tool specifically developed for organizations that use Linux. The new solution integrates ABBYY OCR technology to allows Linux shops to automate their paper to digital document conversion process through the creation of highly compressed and searchable PDF/A compliant files.

Foxit's PDF Compressor is designed to apply advanced image compression to scanned documents, reducing file size so they are easier to share and transmit, more accessible, searchable, and easier to process on a large-scale basis.

With best in class optical character recognition (OCR) and dramatic file compression, the solution not only integrates with existing workflows, but also improves them by producing significantly more manageable files. This allows organizations to spend less time managing their digital files and more time on value-producing tasks.

"We are excited that organizations using Linux servers will now be able to enjoy all the benefits of Foxit's industry-best PDF Compressor," said Gert Michiels, Director of Product Management for PDF Server products at Foxit Europe.

"We have been long standing supporters of Linux, and that matched with a strong demand from PDF Compression customers made this roll-out a no-brainer."

The PDF Compressor leverages mixed raster content (MRC) layer-based compression technology that compresses with ratios of 1:100 or better. Outstanding image quality and text legibility are preserved, while storage costs and bandwidth requirements are drastically reduced.

The lossless MRC process reduces the file size by a ratio of up to 100: 1 or more without affecting the quality of the document. In addition, the documents are read out using Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and are thus available in a full text searchable PDF format.

Additional benefits of Foxit's PDF Compressor include:

  • Mass-processing and scalability - The PDF Compressor is flexible enough to meet almost any document management need. For years, the PDF Compressor has been successfully processing everything from occasional jobs to huge numbers of documents utilizing automated, high-volume processing capabilities.
  • Integrated OCR solution - Integrated ABBYY OCR technology allows full text searching for all PDF and PDF/A files.
  • Standardization - The PDF Compressor produces standardized PDF/A. This makes the software fully interoperable with other products and the files completely independent of any single developer.