NOVO CxP promises intelligent digitisation

German enterprise software developer inovoo has launched a multi-channel capture platform, NOVO CxP, that receives structured and unstructured data and documents in a wide variety of formats, analyses it and hands it over to downstream processes in a standardised fashion.

NOVO CxP expands classical input management to add multichannel functionality, conversion, artificial intelligence, self-learning content analysis techniques, mobile components and output options. NOVO CxP processes incoming information and hands it over to specialist processes, making it an exchange platform for all forms of data.

NOVO CxP automates email processing within a business. Group mailboxes are automatically processed, while NOVO CxP helps process and archive personal emails using an Outlook plugin or Office documents using an Office plugin.

NOVO CxP offers a range of options for extracting relevant information from a wide range of documents, files and data, either using keywords, OCR technology and language recognition, either from PDF forms or from unstructured or incomplete text. A combination of these techniques is essential for newer forms of digital communication, since most authors place less value on the clarity of their language in these formats than when using traditional forms such as hand-written letters.

NOVO CxP is capable of running as a client, allowing multiple business processes to run in parallel. Individual processes can be manually started or stopped. Import and export functionality makes it easy to transfer processes from one system to another.

NOVO CxP runs on local servers or in the cloud, and its service architecture means it can be operated as SaaS. NOVO CxP workflows can be integrated into existing solutions as the primary workflow (using a C# interface) or as sub-workflows. As an open platform, NOVO CxP provides an interface for integrating with other solutions.

“Sometimes, what we do can sound unremarkable,” said Thomas Schneider, CEO of inovoo GmbH, based in Inning, Germany. But one look at the potential savings and opportunities presented by NOVO CxP is enough to impress anyone. “For example, we can achieve automation rates of 75- 80% when digitising incoming mail.”

The clearly structured interface lets users (specialist departments) set up and configure processes.


inovoo has now been active in the market for 15 years.

“Our platform receives all incoming information from all kinds of sources, then uses sophisticated technology to analyse its content and structure it into a complete customer record. That’s a real plus for businesses with high levels of B2C contact, who see their workloads lightened and their customer communication made more efficient as they gain a real-time 360o view of their customers.”

With this solution, inovoo offers a toolbox that allows users to individually design workflows from scratch. “Our customers’ individual specialist departments can quickly model and snap together their own unique processes,” promised Schneider, adding, “and without having to set up a huge new IT project each time.” Alternatively, the customer can rely on turnkey solutions built with inovoo’s own extensive specialist subject know-how - whichever they prefer.

The NOVO CxP platform is designed for email archiving (with automatic classification); processing mobile insurance documents or digital invoices; automatically archiving and indexing Office documents; Office integration for archiving and indexing digital documents; or a wide range of other applications.

NOVO CxP can convert almost any input format into a standard PDF, TIFF or PDF/A 1-3 file. Optimal conversion is particularly important when it comes to incoming digital documents, so that the process can run automatically while ensuring optimal document quality and standardisation for further processing.