Home Email Archiving Solution

Personal-mail-archiver.com is a new affordable email archiving solution just released specifically for home users. Now even novice users can easily archive selected emails or an entire inbox in the form of a searchable PDF, and editable Word file or an Outlook PST file.

 Attachments can also be converted and embedded or included as a clickable link within the output files. The interface walks users through every step of the several options included for archiving emails, making the process quick, simple and efficient. MSG, EML, EMLX and MIM mail file types are supported.

Now home users don't have to rely on popular email clients but can get PDF copies of emails on their hard drives. It makes things easier when they have to find some email at a later date, years after they switched to a new email client. Besides, PDF copies can be required for any legal claim.

Users can simply select which email messages (or an entire inbox) they wish to archive and select their preferred output, such as PDF, DOC or PST. When users select the emails to archive, they have the choice of archiving emails in separate files or saving them all in one document. Users can also preserve the original timestamps for emails, which can be important for future use.

The email archiver has a robust filtering option allowing users to archive emails using specific criteria such as sender, recipient, subject, body keywords, attachments, or specific dates. This saves a lot of time when archiving email and allows users to organize their archives by any of these filters.

So, if a user needs to archive all emails from their attorney, they simply filter the emails by sender name and save them in one single PDF file. Alternatively, users can select specific dates, down to the day, to save specific emails. This application also allows users to select several fields in the emails to save, including header information.

Users can select which fields in the emails to save, such as sender name, recipient name, date, time, subject, etc. Users can also choose whether or not to include header information from the email. This feature is especially useful for preserving specific details about the email message.

The archiver gives users several options for processing attachment files, which can be more important than the emails themselves. The email archiver supports over 20 file types, including DOC, XLS, PPT, CSV, TXT, TIFF, and JPEG to name a few. These attachment files can be embedded into the PDF with the email, saved as a link and preserved in their original formats, or converted into a different format, such as PDF.

If attachments are in the form of ZIP files, the app will unpack the zipped attachments. The reporting feature allows users to configure and produce a report of archiving activity that can be produced in several popular formats.

The email archiving solution is offered as a 30-day free trial download for users to try. For users ready to purchase the application, home license is $US129.90 , Commercial license and server licenses are available by request.