Microsoft Teams with OnePlaceMail for Outlook for workplace collaboration

OnePlace Solutions has announced the launch of Microsoft Teams integration with the OnePlaceMail for Outlook App, allowing the mobile workforce to conveniently move content from Microsoft Outlook to a Microsoft Teams channel. 

Enabling content to easily flow from Outlook to a Teams environment drives greater organizational productivity. For organizations this means unlocking business critical data traditionally stored in personal mailboxes and promoting more efficient collaboration.

Available immediately from Microsoft AppSource across all Microsoft Outlook environments, including iOS and Android, the OnePlaceMail for Outlook App enables users to capture, classify and access content in SharePoint, while remaining productive anywhere they choose to work.

James Fox , CEO of OnePlace Solutions said, "Our goal is to enable people in business to do more, simply. We need to strive for efficiency in today's workplace, and this can be achieved by empowering people to work together with the right tools.

"We're very excited about the Teams integration and helping our customers and partners achieve even more with Office 365."

Users work in both Outlook and Teams across multiple devices. The decision to use Outlook or Teams is based on the audience and the context of the conversation. Learn how to move a conversation from Outlook to Teams.