AI to Correct Human Data Entry Errors on Forms

AI developer Rulex has launched Rulex Robotic Data Correction (RDC), a turn-key AI-based solution for the automatic correction of forms-oriented business data. 

The company says it is already in global production use by a Fortune 50 manufacturing company for correcting SAP ERP Master Data errors, delivering labour savings and operational risk reduction.  Each RDC user can automatically correct as many as 50,000 data entry errors per day, in just minutes, annually eliminating thousands of hours of manual data auditing, and prevented millions of dollars in potential error-induced costs for transportation, penalties, and supply chain process exceptions.

Rulex RDC is dedigned to solve a common, costly problem shared by the many thousands of enterprises across many industries and applications that rely heavily on forms-oriented data entry, including:

  • Materials, plants, product types, network routes, and shipping addresses for Supply Chain.
  • Damage classes, coverage limits, and repair authorizations for Insurance Claims.
  • Authorizations, processors, and regulatory clearance for Financial Transactions.
  • Procedures, services, supplies, and equipment coding for Medical Billing.


Human Mistake Errors

Very common data errors are the result of human mistakes in selecting, reading, or typing the correct values required by various applications process forms.

Rulex's Robotic Data Correction software uses Artificial Intelligence to automatically detect data entry errors when and where they occur, and to automatically correct them before the data can be used for other purposes. RDC also enables process experts to easily review and approve all proposed corrections before they are performed in the system.

Operations personnel control the correction process through a simple Rulex add-in for Microsoft Excel connected to the powerful cloud-based or on-premises Rulex RDC Server, which communicates with enterprise applications data systems through the user’s middleware of choice.

“Rulex’s mission is to make Artificial Intelligence simpler to implement and easier to use through our turn-key AI solutions like Robotic Data Correction,” said Rulex CEO, Mr. Andrea Ridi. 

“With our unique proprietary algorithms, there is no need for data science skills or speculative experimentation. Rulex AI is accurate, automatic, and self-explaining for mission-critical enterprise applications, like ERP and so many others.” 

Rulex Robotic Data Correction is now available on a subscription basis, and, for enterprises considering the RDC solution, the company offers the Rulex RDC Operational Data Audit, a fast, inexpensive service for analyzing existing historical data to reveal the volume and types of existing errors, and their relationship to other business data and processes.  In addition to quantifying the need for RDC, the Audit also provides actionable operational intelligence showing where in the business the errors are occurring.