Iron Mountain enlists Google AI to add InSight

Iron Mountain has announced the commercial availability of Iron Mountain InSight, a new SaaS content services platform jointly developed in partnership with Google Cloud to help organizations realize the full value of their vast stores of physical and digital information.

Iron Mountain InSight uses intelligent, innovative machine learning-based classification techniques to add structure, context and metadata to customers' content. With AI-based content analytics and a powerful visual search interface, Iron Mountain InSight enables organizations to mine their data to uncover new revenue and cost savings opportunities.

With the exponential growth of unstructured data across industries, most organizations recognize the potential of their data but struggle to uncover its full value due to the lack of necessary internal resources and capabilities to analyze it in a cost effective way.

According to a Sept. 2018 survey of IT leaders and decision makers from Coleman Parkes and Iron Mountain, more than half (52 percent) indicated they plan to invest in big data analytics projects in the next two years, including AI and machine learning. Yet 77 percent of respondents cited a lack of internal skills and the inability to search/access digital content as a major challenge to getting value from their data and digital transformation efforts.

"We recognize that data-driven insights have the potential to change the way we see and interact with the world," said John Ristevski , CEO and chairman of CyArk, a nonprofit organization that digitally records, archives and shares the world's most significant cultural heritage.

"CyArk's mission to digitally capture and preserve world monuments and historical sites thrives on the ability to bring data to life in powerful and meaningful ways that teach us about our shared human heritage. The ability to add AI and machine learning to our existing technology investments and digital transformation efforts could be key to bringing those insights to life for our mission and our user experience."

Iron Mountain InSight combines Google Cloud's AI and machine learning with Iron Mountain's content analytics platform, interoperability with its Iron Cloud secure data storage services, and expertise in data analytics and metadata classification.

With Iron Mountain InSight, data becomes more valuable using:

  • Quick analysis and classification of information Employing a robust process for sequencing machine learning across specific sets of data and information that executes high fidelity optical character recognition, visual similarity searches, facial and speech recognition, natural language processing, and other functions;
  • Flexibility & versatility Iron Mountain InSight delivers this capability across a variety of content types (documents, maps, spreadsheets, videos, etc .) and physical and digital sources (hardcopy, backup tape, SharePoint, network file share, etc .), applying machine learning and AI-based technology to uncover trends, insights and indicators;
  • Security, ease of implementation & scale Delivered as a subscription-based, cloud-native platform – including optional integration with Iron Mountain Iron Cloud secure storage and services, with supporting analytics - Iron Mountain InSight enables quick implementation and delivers the scale to fit an organization's growing need for analysis, classification and data value discovery.