DTA invites whole of government messaging trials

The Digital Transformation Agency is inviting Australian local, state, territory, and federal government agencies to access a free trial of a notifications platform it has developed called Notify.gov.au.

 “We’re inviting government agencies to trial Notify.gov.au at no cost until 30 June 2019,” says the DTA.

Based on open source code developed by GDS UK, the Notify platform is currently in private Beta.

During Private Beta, participating government agencies will be given a password to access the platform in a closed environment. From here, they can set up a password protected user account to send unlimited emails and up to 25,000 free text messages.

The DTA hopes the platform will provide a means to cut down on the millions of calls and enquiries made each year to government agencies to find out about the progress of applications, payments and obligations.

The DTA says the new messaging platform would useful for agencies that:

  • want an open source solution that is easy to integrate with current systems
  • want a way to send out non-sensitive reminders to users
  • may not need to send regular notifications
  • may not have access to existing technology or infrastructure
  • may not have access to the myGov notifications system

The system allows agencies to upload a list of email addresses or phone numbers as a spreadsheet, or send directly from another “web application or back-office system” via the Notify application programming interface (API).

To take up the trial offer, public sector organisations can contact the DTA.