Industry first PDF Agent for Relativity Review Platform

Sky Discovery, in partnership with Hillogic, an Australian based I.T software development company, have launched an industry first PDF agent for Relativity that allows PDFing documents for discovery on the fly. Australian federal and state practice notes default to exchanging in a PDF format.  This unique solution will automatically convert documents to PDF as they are tagged as discoverable and stamps them in accordance with the practice notes.

Jeff Jarrett, Director of Projects explains that this will be a game changer in the eDiscovery market and states “As native file review has become the standard workflow for eDiscovery matters, one of the major pain points our clients face is a very tight turnaround on tasks such as producing discovery or hyperlinking affidavits, as PDFing has to occur historically at the pointy tail end.  

“Within the PDF Agent solution, Relativity converts and stamps any document marked relevant by the legal team within seconds.  This removes the time and cost associated with urgent PDFing entirely, eliminating the prior pain point entirely.”

Anderson Hind, Director of Technology, said, “The PDF Agent is something we are really excited about as it eliminates another of those manual, time expensive, labour intensive and risk prone tasks that are performed daily in eDiscovery.  Combined with our suite tools:  Skyport: for the import and export of Federal court compliant loadfiles to/from Relativity and Hyperlinq: for the automated hyperlinking of pleadings/courtbooks/expert reports, we are putting together a comprehensive suite of tools to cut down the overhead of administrating a Relativity matter in Australia.

Key features include:

  • Automatically convert documents to PDF as they become discoverable based on a customisable rules. For example, when a document is tagged as discoverable in Relativity it will automatically be converted to PDF.
  • Ability to define a set of documents to PDF.
  • Setup rules on how to treat specific document types.
  • Redaction workflow ensures consistency in PDF/Image versions of documents.
  • Setup templates to paginate documents in compliance with your discovery obligations.
  • Have access to the discoverable PDF version and the native version at the same time.
  • Reduce the amount of PDF conversion, saving time and cost by only converting those files which will be produced.

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