Indium Software Launches ''

​​​​​​​Indium Software, a niche technology solutions company, has launches its flagship product ‘’ — an Ai based Text Analytics suite of solutions to offer data scraping, validation, classification, summarization, clustering, topic modelling and more.

One of the key aspects of digital transformation is digitization of legacy documents and analytics on the text content. For example, investment bankers and financial analysts have to pore over several annual reports on a quarterly basis, where summarizing content and driving analysis can take considerable time and effort.

Similarly, Market research firms have a challenge establishing veracity of the metrics and KPIs in their reports. E-commerce players have classification and optimization problems with the same products across different catalogue categories. All of these kinds of critical business challenges are prevalent across several industries and need NLP and Text Analytics as a solution.

For example, a legal organization can achieve the following using

· Highlight the keywords and phrases for each section of a document using Name Entity Recognition

· Identify the latent topic inside documents without reading them using Topic Modelling

· Make a succinct list of mandatory and optional clauses (dos and don'ts) using Clustering & ETL

Similarly, for an electronic media news website, can help with:

· Automatic categorisation across sports, entertainment, politics using Classification

· Automatic text summary of TL;DR articles using Summarization

· Filtering out spam/abusive comments on the news items using Classification

Ram Sukumar, Co-founder and CEO, Indium Software, says, "Many of our existing clients are excited about There are several benefits businesses can avail, including, saving time and effort in summarizing documents, lowering costs by automating text extraction, reducing search complexity by classifying documents and thereby improving business efficiencies."