Kofax ControlSuite now Integrated with Kofax TotalAgility

Kofax has updated its ControlSuite print and capture software solution to provide full integration with Kofax TotalAgility, thus providing more comprehensive cognitive capture, transformation and process automation capabilities to ControlSuite users.

Kofax TotalAgility delivers cognitive capture and process orchestration, applying artificial intelligence (AI) to unstructured content to streamline information-intensive processes by building greater efficiency, visibility and control into operations and reducing manual labour and potential for error. This results in reduced costs, improved cycle times and enhanced regulatory compliance.

Most operational processes include printing significant volumes of documents that often contain sensitive company or protected customer information. Unmanaged print jobs or failure to include secure print management controls can lead to compromised data and failure to adhere to compliance regulations.

ControlSuite boasts a broad range of multi-channel input sources including desktop, Web upload, email and scan - and a large ecosystem of integrated business system connectors. It actively manages, secures and governs virtually every aspect of document information distribution via printing, scanning, routing and storing throughout the enterprise—across any combination of hybrid systems, technologies and devices.

“ControlSuite changed the game for organizations looking to optimize and secure the governance and management of content flows and print streams,” says Maureen Polte, Vice President, Commercial Product Management at Kofax. 

“Less than a year after its market launch, we’re greatly extending its value proposition, time-to-value and competitive differentiation with integrated Intelligent Automation capabilities. By enhancing ControlSuite with TotalAgility integration, users can better solve real-world problems with more comprehensive cognitive capture, transformation and process automation capabilities.

Common use cases include:

  • Accounts Payable Automation – extract information from captured documents, code and approve, and send data to ERP system for payment.
  • Digital Mailroom – receive all documents into a single ingestion point, automatically classify, extract and understand, and route to appropriate department for processing and storage.
  • Application Processing – capture employment, loan and enrolment applications, automatically extract key data, run business rules on that data, and route for internal approvals.
  • Case Management – ingest captured documents into a case and manage that to completion, for use cases such fraud investigations, insurance incident management, healthcare treatment, legal, customer service, and other unpredictable processes.