Maru Launches AI Unstructured Data Engine

Canada’s Maru Group has announced the launch of a next-generation unstructured data analytics tool, Maru/HUB Topic Modelling, using Artificial Intelligence (AI) to deliver better, more accurate results.

Ged Parton, CEO of Maru Group, comments, “Text analytics technology is a vital resource to analyzing the thousands of unstructured data points generated every day through customer feedback, reviews and service interactions. But too often, as researchers, we’re not utilizing these tools to their full potential, clouding the technology by creating our own structures and code-frames and, in essence, introducing our own human biases into the results.”

“Maru/HUB’s Topic Modelling tool uses machine-learning to automatically and accurately group relevant comments together into clusters without the need for user-defined rules and human biases. It empowers users and researchers to identify key themes, understand relationships between trends and uncover hidden patterns in data in just a matter of minutes.”

Powered by machine-learning algorithms alone, Maru/HUB’s Topic Modelling tool analyzes patterns within data to create clusters of common themes, using recognized similarities to assign meaningful data labels. The technology automatically works to remove punctation and peripheral terms to eliminate noise and deliver more accurate results.

Working in conjunction with behavioural scientists at the University of Strathclyde, Maru/HUB’s Topic Modelling tool has been rigorously tested on large scale and has been proven to uncover new insights missed by traditional code-frame based textual analysis.

Steve Brockway, Chief Research Officer at Maru/Matchbox UK, and lead researcher on the project, explains, “It has been thrilling working with leading data scientists at The University of Strathclyde with truly cutting-edge AI technology and applying it. The technology is empowering better insights by uncovering new patterns in unstructured data, and at a faster rate than any human-machine partnership could. We have momentum in our R&D, our next step is to take machine-based learning and apply it to analysis approaches to better understand what’s driving certain behaviours instantaneously.”

Maru/HUB’s Topic Modelling is the latest innovation to be launched by Maru Group in recent months. It follows the launch of the company’s self-serve environment late last year, offering clients and users the opportunity to access Maru’s full range of capabilities directly, including the industry’s-first drag and drop Implicit Association Testing (IAT) interface.