Colligo Acquired, releases Content Manager for M365

Colligo has been acquired by a private equity investor Olbia Software, which is led by CEO Tim Brady (and who will lead Colligo moving forward).

The company has also announced a new solution, Colligo Content Manager for Microsoft 365, allowing knowledge workers to stay in Outlook to explore and manage any SharePoint file.

Colligo Content Manager is a natural tool to extend the capabilities of their existing Microsoft 365 Email Management and Document Management solutions.

Colligo Email Manager for Microsoft 365 and Colligo Document Manager for Microsoft 365 help workers to capture and tag files right from Office applications into SharePoint with sophisticated metadata and label classification tools.

Layering the Content Manager module on top, Colligo users can not only capture and share links to email or document files, they can browse and view to any type of file at any SharePoint location from within Microsoft 365.