cleanDocs Enterprise adds AI capability to prevent data breaches

DocsCorp has announced the release of cleanDocs Enterprise, the latest addition to its email security solution for preventing the #1 source of unintended data breaches worldwide: human error. cleanDocs is claimed to be the only solution to provide both email recipient checking and metadata cleaning in a single Outlook add-in. 

cleanDocs Enterprise uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to ensure emails and attachments are sent to the right person. Using advanced machine-learning algorithms, cleanDocs AI develops a deep understanding of a user’s email behaviour and patterns based on past actions in Outlook and other business systems.

On send, it analyses the email, only alerting the user when it recognizes an abnormality or deviation in email behaviour or intent that could potentially lead to a data breach. This approach eliminates interruptions, enabling users to focus their attention on the task at hand. They can be secure in the knowledge that cleanDocs will remove hidden metadata and alert them if they select an unintended recipient.

DocsCorp VP Global Commercial Operations, Ben Mitchell, explained, “cleanDocs Enterprise strikes the right balance between security and productivity, doing most of the heavy lifting behind the scenes. It alerts users only when it detects irregularities between the content and the intended recipient or non-compliance with email security rules and policies.

“As a single install, it makes life easier for IT Administrators who would otherwise need to deploy two or more products to accomplish the same outcome. Most firms want to reduce the number of Outlook add-ins they deploy and the number of vendors they deal with. cleanDocs helps achieve these objectives."