ABBYY launches new version of FineReader PDF

ABBYY has announced  FineReader PDF 15 is getting another update, Release 6, to expand the solution’s PDF toolset and improve its usability.

In addition, with this update, FineReader PDF now offers a free PDF Viewer for Windows. Viewing PDF files is the most common thing we do with them, and now it can be done with FineReader PDF by anyone.

There is also a new PDF tool: Split Documents.

There are multiple cases when splitting a PDF document may be needed, such as to meet specific requirements when submitting documents, or to separate documents scanned into a PDF as a batch, or to separate chapters of a long document for easier use.

Splitting a PDF document into several parts is now a breeze. Select “Split Document” in the “File” menu and split the PDF into parts by maximum file size, number of pages, or as chapters by bookmarks on the first level.

You can also define how to name the files of the parts of the split document, and where to save them. (Watch the video to learn how FineReader PDF’s Split Document tool works. Read more about splitting PDF documents HERE.)

FineReader PDF 15 now can be a free PDF reader! With the basic features provided by the PDF Viewer, you can view, print, and save PDFs, fill in PDF forms, and review PDF documents with the highlight text and annotation tools (see the PDF Viewer functionality scope here) for free. It supports various reading modes for PDFs stored in a folder, in SharePoint, or sent as an attachment.

Corporate users can get multiple licenses for FineReader PDF Viewer. PDF Viewer licenses can be deployed and managed across an organization with the same license management tools that are used for ABBYY FineReader PDF 15 Corporate or Standard Volume licenses.

With FineReader PDF 15, you can work with PDF documents stored on Microsoft SharePoint. With Release 6, SharePoint Online is supported, in addition to the previous versions. You can open, check out, check in, and save PDF files directly on SharePoint Online connected via Microsoft SharePoint Client.

With Greek and Chinese languages added, now FineReader PDF 15 supports document comparison in 40 languages. Finding differences is possible even between copies of a multilingual document, for example, a bi-lingual agreement, document with foreign vocabulary or phrases used in it, and so on.

To speed up adding pages from another PDF document, there is a new function “Add text from PDF”, which adds the pages without performing any preprocessing, as they are. For adding pages image enhancements (such as splitting bookmarked pages, deskew, etc.) automatically applied to them, or for adding pages from non-PDF files, the function “Add pages from file” is still available.

The “Pages” pane is hidden by default now in the PDF Editor. It allows to speed up and improve PDF viewing experience when flipping through the pages in a PDF document.