Salesforce and Microsoft Veterans unveil Global Data Compliance solution

Announcing $US23M in Series A funding, Ketch is promising a new way for businesses to automate data privacy and security. The company’s applications offer customers dynamic data compliance that can be implemented in as little as three hours and is already live with more than 20 customers.

“Today, too many companies believe they face a zero-sum tradeoff: capture and use data to grow, or comply with regulations and sacrifice growth,” said Tom Chavez, CEO and Co-Founder. “Ketch gives them intelligent, policy-managed infrastructure to survive and thrive by capturing data responsibly at every consumer touchpoint while ensuring compliance, control, and security wherever the data lies, however it’s used.

Claiming that other data privacy and security companies offer a facade of data privacy, Ketch says it instead does the heavy lifting of enacting privacy ‘behind the screen’ by orchestrating privacy preferences from consumers programmatically into internal systems and external platforms (customer relationship management, e-commerce, martech, analytics, etc). Similar to how online advertising evolved from the hard-wiring of ads on web pages to a dynamic, fully automated system today known as the ‘ad server,’ Ketch is automating data privacy and governance through a coordinated set of applications, infrastructure, and enabling APIs. 

Ketch’s set-it-and-forget-it approach allows enterprises to capture consumer consent and permissions for data usage, define policies for capture, usage, and control of data, and comply everywhere without laborious reset and reconfiguration. The system’s architecture automates the collection and use of consumer data to ensure total compliance in the face of rapidly shifting data regulations and consumer privacy expectations. 

The company’s solutions include: 

  • Streamlined Regulation Management: Leverage a single framework to manage complex global privacy programs by specifying, initiating, and enforcing the right privacy program for every consumer in every region
  • Cross-Channel Consent Management: Consolidation and enforcement of consumer consent data across all platforms (desktop, mobile, IoT, tablet, OTT, etc.)
  • Ultra-Scalable Fulfillment of Data Subject Rights Requests: Automated capture and completion of DSR requests in real-time with no human intervention
  • Granular Data Security and Control: Hack-resilient security and data governance that prescribes the permissible uses of data at the level of rows, columns, and cells - as opposed to tables and clusters.
  • Ketch Data Permit with Encryption: A universal “Permit” that not only encrypts data for security but also informs how to use data, ensuring continuous compliance with regulations.


Ketch is led by co-founders Tom Chavez and Vivek Vaidya, who have spent more than two decades building leading data platforms, including Krux (acquired by Salesforce) and Rapt (acquired by Microsoft). Using their experience building platforms that captured, analyzed, and activated consumer data, Chavez and Vaidya are now turning their attention to helping companies responsibly and safely use that data. 

“Ketch is an easily configurable consent management and orchestration system that was able to be deployed internationally,’’ said Priya Sanger, Legal Counsel at Patreon. “It required minimal engineering time to integrate into our systems.”

The news comes on the heels of Ketch’s recent launch of, a free privacy score that helps businesses measure risk in privacy compliance. Companies interested in learning about how Ketch can help them protect their customers’ data privacy and security should visit