Graviti Launches Data Platform Out of Stealth Mode

Graviti, a New York based data infrastructure startup that has been in stealth mode for the past three years, has announced its first product – Graviti Data Platform - designed to eliminate one of the costliest and confounding problems faced by developers of artificial intelligence (AI) applications worldwide: working with large volumes of unstructured data.

This product not only removes much of the hassle faced when managing and processing such data, but also radically enables the scalability and complexity of unstructured data those developers work with. Enterprises can acquire, manage, and query data faster on the cloud with more ease, identify the actionable insights from the data collected and create pioneering AI applications.

A survey of more than 500 developers commissioned by Graviti and conducted by Propeller Insights in late 2021, showed that developers today are inundated by vast amounts of unstructured data.

Among the survey’s key findings are:

  • Nearly all the developers who responded (94%), said their current method of managing unstructured data falls short.
  • 1 out of 4 respondents (25%) said they spend between half and two-thirds of their time on the time-consuming and frustrating chores involved with curating unstructured data: data collection, cleansing, selecting and exploring.
  • Time spent on data curation is proportional to the size of the company, the survey showed. Nearly all the developers (95%) surveyed acknowledged that pain points surrounding data management exist at their organization, with nearly half (46%) saying that hunting for data from disparate and scattered sources is their biggest headache. Another 39% responded that tracking datasets is the biggest pain point because of the large number they must produce daily. Nearly a third (32%) said low-quality data is the biggest obstacle.


“According to the survey, the larger the company, the more time developers spend working with data,” said Edward Cui, Graviti’s founder and a former machine learning expert at Uber’s Advanced Technologies Group. “While analyzing the areas that cause developers the most trouble, we found that many users were confronted by similar challenges. The good news is that Graviti Data Platform eliminates these issues.”

The platform hands developers the ability to manage their raw data, metadata, and semantic data all in a single location. With the platform, they can leverage custom filters to quickly locate and visualize the data. The end result is that Graviti liberates developers from chores, and they can now spend more time analyzing unstructured data and training models.

“By onboarding the platform and adopting the best practices along with it, our goal is to enable our data scientists and machine learning engineers to access and operate massive datasets in the simplest and fastest way,” said Justin Cai, Algorithms & AI Lead from one of Graviti’s intelligent logistics partners. “I am excited that Graviti is officially launching its data platform, which is different from raw file systems. The cloud data management solution enables developers to see the new future of AI.”

The Git-like data version controlworkflow automation, and data visualization functions enable engineers to increase efficiency. Built on a data engine with elastic and scalable architecture, Graviti Data Platform provides enterprises a consumption-based model to reduce cost.

“We’re thrilled to launch the data platform. Our message to AI developers is that we’ve heard what you want and what you need. Challenge of unstructured data management is paramount if AI development is to progress and Graviti is able to help solve that.” --Edward Cui