Ephesoft Releases MuleSoft Certified Connector

Ephesoft has joined the MuleSoft Technology Partner Program and has contributed to the partner ecosystem by releasing a MuleSoft Certified Connector for Ephesoft Transact, accessible in Anypoint Exchange.

Users can leverage Ephesoft’s IDP platform to transform document data and export it into any other application using the connector, saving both deployment and processing time while driving efficiencies throughout the enterprise.

As part of the MuleSoft Technology Partner Program, customers can leverage Ephesoft to transform any document type into structured data, which is a prerequisite for any digital transformation or hyperautomation initiative.

“Structured, clean data is a requirement for any application to drive value through data which is the new electricity of today's business world. Having Ephesoft’s intelligent document processing solution available in MuleSoft’s Anypoint Exchange will break down data silos and enable companies to get the data they need in a highly repeatable and secure fashion,” said Ike Kavas, founder and CEO at Ephesoft.

“Today, if enterprises are not looking at end-to-end intelligent automation as they evolve and scale, they will fall behind. This partnership is a critical avenue to ensure our customers’ data can directly and securely connect to their enterprise applications.”

Ephesoft’s IDP platform transforms any document type into structured data, laying the essential data foundation for end-to-end process automation and interoperability. Creating seamless system integrations using MuleSoft will not only accelerate processes and drive efficiencies, but it will enhance customer experience, due to faster response times, deeper insights and high data accuracy.

In fact, Ephesoft customers report over 95% faster processing times and 99.9% accuracy rates. Seamless integration with applications via Ephesoft’s MuleSoft Certified Connector will modernize how enterprises worldwide will be able to access and analyze their data with the addition of Ephesoft Transact into their tech stack.

“Industries are facing new demands that push them to accelerate the pace of digital transformation,” said Brian Miller, senior vice president of business development, MuleSoft.”

“The Connectivity Benchmark Report shows that integration challenges are slowing down critical digital initiatives for 88% of organizations. This partnership allows our mutual customers to create a composable enterprise by securely unlocking the data from documents to deliver new levels of speed, agility and efficiency.”

MuleSoft customers can learn more about MuleSoft Certified Connector for Ephesoft Transact by visiting this page.

For more information about Ephesoft’s intelligent document processing solution, learn about Ephesoft Transact or get a free trial. Ephesoft customers can learn more how to integrate data from siloed apps and systems faster and automate complete workflows more efficiently with MuleSoft’s Anypoint Platform at: https://www.mulesoft.com/platform/enterprise-integration.