Pega Process Extender for Salesforce Lightning 

Pegasystems has announced the updated version of Pega Process Extender for Salesforce Lightning is now available for download on Salesforce AppExchange as well as Pega Marketplace. This component makes it easy for organisations to drag and drop Pega Infinity workflow automation and AI-powered decisioning capabilities directly into existing Salesforce Lightning deployments.

The entire experience operates within the users’ familiar Salesforce desktop even as Pega drives the business logic and workflows.

Pega Process Extender for Salesforce Lightning allows users to turbocharge their Salesforce investment by going beyond standard Salesforce workflows. It allows customer service teams to automate and orchestrate multi-dimensional processes with Pega from end to end – including previously siloed customer touchpoints and lines of business.

With its dynamic and integrated process orchestration, Pega can augment, extend, and reinforce the value of Salesforce by enabling organisations to:

  • Quickly integrate Pega workflows into Salesforce: With Pega’s low-code capabilities, administrators can easily add Pega workflows into their Salesforce environments out of the box with minimal configuration effort. Unlike other integrated workflows, no custom development is required, enabling end users to start experiencing Pega benefits within minutes.
  • Seamlessly update Salesforce with changes made in Pega workflows: With its Centre-out approach, any workflow changes made in Pega are automatically changed in the Salesforce user interface – as well as any other channel or interface to which the workflow was extended. This helps lower the application’s total cost of ownership and makes it easier to handle complex workflow scenarios by eliminating the need to make changes in multiple systems, channels, or interfaces.
  • Significantly simplify agent experience: Customer service agents have direct access to Pega service processes through their Salesforce Lightning UI. Employees can seamlessly process, view, and update work managed in Pega without switching between applications.

Pega Process Extender for Salesforce Lightning is based on capabilities from Pega Infinity – a suite of cloud-based digital transformation software that helps enable businesses to improve customer engagement and operational efficiency.