Artifex Software acquires PyMuPDF

Artifex Software, Inc., developer of MuPDF, has acquired the exclusive rights to PyMuPDF from its long-time maintainer Harald Lieder.

Artifex is a developer of core technologies that drive PDF, print, file conversion, and document management solutions. It provides essential software tools to major printer manufacturers, SaaS and Cloud developers, and PDF tools/creation companies.

“By bringing the development of PyMuPDF under Artifex, we can accelerate feature innovation while ensuring tight integration with MuPDF,” said Jeong Hee Kim, CEO of Artifex.

“As Python has become the most popular programming language in the world, we see tremendous opportunity ahead for the Python-based PDF market. We are in a unique position to deliver high-performance PDF functionality to the large and growing Python developer community.”

PyMuPDF provides access to a broad range of MuPDF functionality from within the Python environment, including PDF rendering, page manipulation, data extraction, annotations, form filling, digital signatures, redactions, OCR, and more.

Integrating advanced PDF functionality into your Python project is straightforward and supported by extensive documentation, demos, and example scripts.

PyMuPDF, like MuPDF, is available under both open-source AGPL and commercial license agreements from Artifex.