Data Protection for popular Email and Messaging Platforms

Concentric AI, a vendor of intelligent AI-based solutions for autonomous data security posture management, has launched functionality that protects sensitive data shared as text or attachments across popular business messaging platforms, including e-mail, Slack, and Microsoft Teams.

The new capabilities, available as part of the Concentric Semantic Intelligence platform, autonomously evaluate and manage data security posture to give security professionals the powerful, centralized remediation tools they need to identify access issues and prevent data loss.

The company’s AI technology, which currently protects millions of users across cloud and on-premises data stores, now extends accurate, comprehensive, autonomous protection to data shared using these increasingly popular tools.

This capability reveals sensitive data shared across email and business messaging platforms and highlights who has inappropriate access to mission-critical content.

As messaging and communication tools explode in popularity, organizations struggle to control data leakage and prevent sharing abuses and mistakes. Limited visibility into content, context, and access routinely allows regulated personal information, critical business documents, and other sensitive data to fall into the wrong hands.

Concentric’s deep learning and natural language processing (NLP) technologies help organizations:

  • Identify sensitive and regulated data, such as PII/PCI/PHI, confidential business content, and financial information as it flows across messaging and e-mail platforms
  • Evaluate an organization’s data security posture to determine who has access and whether that access is appropriate and authorized
  • Centrally remediate issues by disabling access, recalling messages, or integrating with end-user and SOC workflows for redress

Given the staggering volumes of data exchanged by end users and third parties, automation is essential to any practical data security posture management strategy.

Concentric’s natural language processing (NLP) technologies and MIND deep-learning-as-a-service capabilities work together to automate sensitive data discovery, analyse content and context, assess risk, and mitigate problems without the burden of writing hundreds of rules to spot sensitive data or relying on end users to enforce appropriate security policies. Concentric’s Semantic Intelligence works without additional staff overhead, end-user frustration, or gaps in protection coverage.