Astera Data now includes AI Capture

The version 10 release of the Astera Data Platform includes AI Capture, a new AI-powered data extraction feature in the ReportMiner module.

Astera ReportMiner is part of the Astera Data Platform that utilizes template-based extraction to help business users structure large volumes of unstructured data in a code-free environment.

The availability of AI Capture significantly reduces the efforts needed to create reusable data extraction templates.

The new feature automatically detects and captures data regions and fields using natural language processing algorithms and table detection.

Users can now leverage this AI-powered data extraction process to create templates with just one click and capture unstructured data in seconds.

Astera’s COO, Jay Mishra, said: “AI-driven opportunities in data extraction have paved the way for enterprises to simplify and streamline data processing. Automation helps businesses process large volumes of documents and perform analytics for intelligent decision-making and business growth.

"AI Capture accelerates the data extraction process and fast-tracks the business intelligence initiatives of our clients.”

In addition to the AI Capture, Astera 10.0 update comes with numerous improvements and new changes.

There have been several UI enhancements to provide a more seamless user experience.

Furthermore, users can now take advantage of Astera’s native connectivity to effortlessly access cloud storage destinations, including Amazon S3 and Microsoft Azure Blob.