Really Simple Systems enhances Workflow Automation

Cloud CRM vendor, Really Simple Systems, has launched a new workflow automation feature.

Really Simple Systems' customer, Joanne Moss of Australian Sweeper Company, remarked: "We've been one of the first companies to use the new automations feature in our CRM and already we are seeing the benefits. We keep thinking of more ways to use it which is making us increasingly efficient."

This new automation feature will allow users to create workflows in the CRM, removing the need for data input and repetitive tasks, allowing businesses to streamline their processes and improve productivity.

The no-code Automations use a simple graphical interface, rather than traditional computer coding, allowing users to create automated workflows for their business regardless of their technical ability.

Really Simple Systems' founder and CEO, John Paterson, commented: "It will open up a whole new level of functionality for our customers, and takes the Really Simple Systems features set up to a level that was previously only provided by competitors costing ten times as much."

Workflow automations can be used for a wide variety of processes in the CRM, saving time, minimising human error, reducing costs and increasing efficiency. Additionally, users will also be able to automate their marketing activity with automated campaigns and lead scoring.

The feature is available to those on the Professional and Enterprise Plans, with the option to add this feature to other plans if required.