Evisort announces Next Gen AI Contract Processing

Evisort, a no-code contract intelligence platform for legal, procurement, IT and sales operations teams, has announced its next-generation AI contract processing with advanced OCR ingesting. Evisort's proprietary AI has made a massive leap in capacity - now ingesting and analysing up to 450,000 contracts per day.

Evisort's contract processing addresses challenges commonly faced by legacy OCR, including difficulties deciphering handwriting, blurry text, tables, headers, footers, and watermarks.

The platform now recognises multilingual handwriting and typed text, including non-Latin characters from Chinese, Japanese, Korean and other languages. With these AI enhancements, Evisort's solution empowers enterprise customers to develop a more accurate lens into their worldwide operations, including regional offices, via connected contract data.

Evisort AI Labs has also trained generative AI capabilities that help users draft, redline and negotiate contracts based on existing AI contract data and large language models. As organisations eliminate siloed contract data, business leaders can strengthen their expanding global ecosystem and educate stakeholders across the business on the importance of data to fuel frictionless global operations.

Allowing AI-powered contract data insights to flow to any employee within the organisation who can benefit from it is critical to accelerating the business impact that AI can facilitate.

Knowing what is in their agreements helps business teams adapt strategically to changes in regulatory landscapes, data privacy laws, macroeconomic conditions, geopolitical institutions, supply chain viability, sales obligations, corporate ownership and cross-departmental priorities.