ProcessMaker adds AI and Enhanced Functionality

ProcessMaker, a provider of low-code business process automation software, has announces new enhancements including Artificial Intelligence (AI), a decision engine, process templates, dependent select lists, modeler usability improvements, dynamic menu enhancements and autosave.

The decision engine implements intelligent decision tables as an independent asset to automate complex business rules without coding. Decision tables will significantly reduce the time needed to create or update decisions automated within a process.

ProcessMaker AI introduces new global search functionality that allows users to search their requests, tasks, and processes with natural language. Incorporating artificial intelligence optimizes workflows and empowers users to make informed decisions quickly.

Predefined process templates will provide a "create from template" feature for faster and easier workflow automation, which allows users to select from a list of available templates to use as a base when creating a new process. This feature is designed to expedite the development of new processes by allowing users to curate their list of developed processes as a starting point.

Process designers can also save their processes as templates to share across their organization. At the same time, autosave saves process models, screens, and scripts in a draft state, eliminating the need to save work manually.

Dependent select lists support no-code collections as a data source. They will allow for filtering based on other fields on the screen, providing no-code-dependent dropdowns for screen designers. The modeler usability improvements include extended keyboard shortcuts and enhanced copy-and-paste functionality.

Dynamic menu enhancements provide better white-labelling controls to OEM partners and solutions designers, allowing them to customize the structural elements of ProcessMaker's base user interface.