Indico Data intergates Azure OpenAI services

Indico Data, a developer of intelligent intake solutions for unstructured data, has announced the launch of its integration with Microsoft Azure OpenAI Service. This extends Indico’s Enterprise Large Language Model (LLM) capabilities using the latest in generative artificial intelligence (AI).

Initial use cases will focus on enabling insurance carriers to dramatically increase underwriting and claims intake capacity and improve processing efficiency.

Already a partner with Microsoft, Indico is now deepening its relationship by leveraging the latest generative AI capabilities built on highly secure, enterprise grade cloud technologies. 

The first product enhancements to be released will include the Indico Prompt Studio and Summarization Studio. Both features take advantage of Azure OpenAI Service to allow users to dramatically accelerate the ease and speed at which they can automate processes, in some cases going from days to hours.

Integrated with Indico’s patented Intelligent Intake application interface, Indico’s Prompt Studio will fully automate the creation of custom machine learning models by just describing with a simple text prompt the desired data elements to be classified and extracted from the submissions related to claims, underwriting, and policy servicing. 

This accelerates machine learning model creation from days to minutes, accelerating customer time to value.  For data security, these models are then converted to use Indico’s Enterprise LLM entirely within the customer’s firewall.

Indico’s Summarization Studio integrates with Azure OpenAI Service to extract claims and policy data and present a summarized view of all related policy details to the analyst. The summarized view supports decision making and points out anomalies in an effort to expedite “covered or not” decisions.

By utilizing state of the art machine learning, users are now able to “interrogate” submitted documents and produce summary data that typically take hours to research and create manually.

Looking into the future, Indico also plans to enhance its workflow canvas with a variety of no-code features through Azure OpenAI Service, enabling users to customize Indico workflows to meet their specific business needs without requiring custom coding.