Litera adds Smart Summaries for Lawyers via AI

Legal technology specialist Litera has announced a new generative AI (GenAI) feature in Kira, Litera’s AI-powered contract review and analysis software.

Litera is combining Kira’s machine learning, an application of artificial intelligence, with GenAI to further accelerate and improve workflows for the setup, review, analysis, and synthesis phases of due diligence and other contract reviews, empowering legal teams to discover and verify information, export results, and produce reports faster than ever and with total confidence.

“With products like Kira, Clocktimizer, and Litera Check, Litera has been at the forefront of integrating AI into legal technology for over a decade,” said Litera CEO Sheryl Hoskins. “Bringing together Kira’s tried and tested, lawyer-trained machine learning assets with the power of generative AI, represents the next step in the evolution of technology-enabled legal services, which will unlock more efficiency and amplify impact for our customers.”

  • Analyze Kira Findings More Efficiently with Smart Summaries: While AI has transformed workflows within the legal profession, analyzing AI-extracted information to produce reports, interpret the language, and determine the legal implications remains an intensive manual process. With Kira Smart Summaries, legal teams will see enhanced accuracy and speed in synthesizing content in contracts and other documents, enabling them to deliver recommendations and strategic advice to their clients faster. Kira Smart Summaries will be available later this month.
  • Start Projects, Gain Insights, and Produce Reports Faster with Kira: Over the upcoming year, legal teams will be able to use Kira to instantly get actionable insights from their contracts and other documents using natural language questions and requests, and seamlessly set up projects. Combining Kira’s machine learning and world-class workflows with GenAI will make it even easier to collaborate, extract granular data points, and produce work product and client deliverables.

Kira features Built-In Intelligence: AI-powered machine learning models with over 1,400 smart fields addressing over 40 substantive areas. This legal AI technology automatically identifies and extracts common clauses and data points from contracts and other documents, while providing highly adaptive workflows.

Trained by Litera’s in-house Legal Knowledge Engineering team of experienced attorneys on over one million contracts and 500,000 examples, Kira helps the world’s largest professional service firms and corporations quickly uncover relevant information from their contracts and documents and contextualize this information to support data-driven decision-making. 

With Litera, law firms can provide high-quality work faster, freeing up lawyers to focus on amplifying their impact for clients and leveraging their unique experience. To sign up for early access to Litera’s AI beta program, click here.