ShareFile Introduces Unified Legal Solution

ShareFile has announced the release of ShareFile for Legal, a secure, collaborative client experience solution that can help expedite client onboarding and document-heavy workflows. It also enhances security protections to empower legal professionals to protect critical business and client personal identifiable information (PII) without burdening IT teams.

Law firms today face unique challenges in managing tasks and assignments around client matters, with data showing that 75% of legal professionals spend 20 hours or more per week on non-client-facing billable work.

ShareFile’s new offerings directly address these pain points for legal professionals, allowing them to seamlessly onboard clients, efficiently manage documents across caseloads, reduce effort around non-billable work to support profitability, and, ultimately, deliver an exceptional client experience.

“With the number of repeatable processes and document-heavy caseloads, legal work quickly becomes tedious and time-consuming,” said David Le Strat, senior vice president, product and technology, ShareFile. “Our enhanced platform addresses the unique challenges law firms face, streamlining task management, increasing security, and driving efficiency for all legal services.”

ShareFile’s all-in-one solution includes:

Security Threat Detection Alerts: Receive proactive insights into content security threats with suggested actions for mitigating threats, enabling employees and admins to mitigate security risks when handling client documents without affecting workflow productivity.

Task Management: Easily assign tasks to ensure specific documents are supplied quickly and easily without the use of email, with automated notifications on value-add activity like: Task tracking, which allows firms to easily track the status of tasks that are related to client matters, including whether they are in progress, completed, overdue, or yet to start; Client updates, which allow firms to provide prompt updates to clients by having a single view of all tasks and work being done for their specific matters.

Native Integrations with QuickBooks and Salesforce: Integration of prospective client data with Salesforce and QuickBooks, eliminating manual data entry and duplicate efforts by automatically syncing prospective client data, saving time and reducing errors.

This announcement follows a series of product enhancements ShareFile introduced earlier this year, including expedited client onboarding, secure document management and collaboration, and automated workflows to save time and enable firms to stay on top of a growing client list.