Automation Anywhere powers Business Transformation with Gemini

Automation Anywhere has announced it is utilizing Google Cloud's Gemini models and Vertex AI platform to launch new generative-AI powered solutions developed on top of leading large language models and trained with anonymized metadata from more than 150 million automation processes across thousands of leading enterprise applications.

The company says the models have a deep understanding of how work gets done across enterprise applications and give companies the ability to develop and run complex processes and workflows across enterprise applications automatically, first by understanding the work request via natural language, converting natural language inputs into steps, and then dynamically creating new process workflows. Companies have the power now able to automate 40 to 80 percent of their enterprise processes and tasks.

Using Google Cloud's Gemini models and the advanced capabilities of Vertex AI, Automation Anywhere's platform now can integrate different types of information from text to code to audio to image and video. This empowers employees to use natural language to request automations across systems, generate personalized content, summarize dense documents and automate workflows without leaving their preferred application.

Some use cases include:

Transforming underwriting processes: In commercial lending and insurance, generative AI can review video footage, images, and text from hundreds of pages of documents, leveraging the generative AI-powered assistant to review, summarize, and submit necessary information to help accelerate the underwriting process.

Simplifying patient communications: Generative-AI can generate discharge after-visit summaries in audio format in a patient's native language, assisting doctors and clinicians in how they relay vital healthcare information to their patients to ensure a better understanding of the details of their care.

Automating data extraction with accuracy: Generative-AI powered assistants can extract text and images automatically including retail barcodes, review the output, provide product support, and authorize returns. In pharmaceuticals, generative AI validates package image data including size, colours, logo, usage instructions, expiration dates, and more to ensure quality standards.

Combat Money Laundering: Automation Anywhere's Intelligent Automation platform further enables financial services organizations to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of their anti-money laundering (AML) compliance programs, seamlessly integrating the results of Google Cloud's AML AI product into the investigation workflow and generation of suspicious activity reports.

"Partnering with Google Cloud gave us access to an ecosystem of best-in-class machine learning models, like MedLM for example, a pre-built solution that eases the burden on doctors and healthcare professionals by automating after-visit summaries, reducing manual work and burnout," said Adi Kuruganti, Chief Product Officer, Automation Anywhere.