ANZ compliance software outfit spreads its wings

ANZ compliance software outfit spreads its wings

Online document assembly and content management company Owlcentral is making the transition to an international software company by opening new offices in London and San Francisco. The company is looking in particular to take advantage of the €256m (AUD$445 million) European operational document compliance market, which is growing by over 28 percent a year, according to a UK-based research firm.

Owlcentral is mainly known for its Perfectus (formerly Docdolittle) browser-based software system, based on Microsoft’s .NET environment. The solution enables companies and individuals to produce their own commercial leases, employment contracts, company incorporation documents, divorce papers and wills online.

 With Owlcentral’s growth into the international market, its Perfectus application has developed into a suite of operational document compliance solutions. It provides an easy and secure approach to generating contracts, agreements, sales and purchase orders, regulatory submissions, legal and other documents, allowing corporate legal, human resources, purchasing, sales and finance executives to empower their staff to create and complete compliant documents without the need for managerial intervention or specialist expertise, while still meeting the appropriate legal and regulatory requirements.

Among its users are McDonalds, AC Nielsen, Commonwealth Bank of Australia and Australasian legal firm, Philips Fox.

David Cam, CEO of Owlcentral, commented: "We are pleased to be competing on the world stage, in a highly competitive global market, and are proud to be taking innovative Australian and New Zealand technology to customers in the UK and USA.

"We have been able to achieve this great international growth, as a result of building off a solid foundation and businesses in Australia and New Zealand. We still consider ourselves to be an Australasian company, and the benefits we obtain from growing our market internationally will flow back to our customers, shareholders and staff in Australia and New Zealand."

Cam added that Owlcentral has from the outset had an eye on the global market, with the company having been set up in such a manner to allow it to develop thus.

 “Right from the beginning, we believed that Perfectus represented a world class technology that could be exported to other markets. So, we set up Owlcentral to be a thoroughly modern company, with a flexible and virtual team structure to maintain our growth and competitive position as we delivered on our mission of building a successful and robust global business.

“Australia and New Zealand are the source of many world class ideas. I believe that we need to harness this creative spirit and export these great ideas to deliver the benefits of growth to our home markets over the long term,” concluded Cam.

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