Campaign to combat spam extended

Campaign to combat spam extended

The rapid escalation in the amount of spam clogging up our inboxes on a daily business has prompted the Internet Industry Association (IIA) to extend its national campaign against spam for a further three months.

Initally, the IIA offered anti-spam tools free of charge for the month of May, but owing to what IAA chief executive Peter Coroneos descibed as "a phenomenal response" to the offer, they have decided to prolong the campaign.

"We have experienced unprecedented levels of traffic to the IIA site. Since we announced our program, tens of thousands of Australians have come seeking a solution to the spam deluge. This validates our concern that the spam problem in Australia is very real and very large."

Coroneos added that the IIA expected the problem of spam to get worse before it got better. Recent figures published by the US-based ePrivacy Group show the total volume of spam is increasing by an alarming 18 per cent every month, with spam amounting to around 40 per cent of all email delivered.

"Figures like these indicate that the problem is spiralling out of control," said Coroneos. "For this reason, the IIA has decided to extend our national spam campaign until August 16, so that all Internet users can trial for free the empowerment options available under our national plan.

"Email is still the killer application of the Internet – if it goes, the major reason for people staying online will go with it. We cannot afford to let that happen."

The IIA campaign page is at

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