Documents trapped by SSA GT

Documents trapped by SSA GT

A document management application is to be integrated into enterprise resource planning systems from SSA Global Technologies. The Pacific arm of SSA Global Technologies has signed an agreement to distribute FormTrap from TCG Information Systems.

SSA Global Technologies (SSA GT) will distribute; market, sell and service the Australian developed document management and design application in Australia and New Zealand. FormTrap will be packaged into SSA GT enterprise resource planning (ERP) applications including; Masterpiece/NET and MAX+ and will be available as an optimisation tool for BPCS and PRMS applications.

FormTrap is designed to transform documents and reports that are difficult to read into information that is well presented. Typical document management abilities of FormTrap include a centralised repository for production, storage and distribution of documents and the ability to distribute documents via the Web, or email, fax and postal.

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