IT opportunity for students

IT opportunity for students

School students from low socio-economic status backgrounds are being given a taste of working life in the IT industry through the Summer Schools Program, an initiative by the NSW government.

The program, supported by Microsoft Australia, is designed to mentor young people about job opportunities in the IT industry and provide IT skills to those who may not have access to technology in their every day lives. Some students will spend a work experience day at the Microsoft Head Office.

The purpose of the course is "developing home grown talent and nurturing innovation", said Alison Dodd, Director of Corporate Marketing for Microsoft Australia. According to research recently carried out for Microsoft, an estimated 70 per cent of all jobs will require skills in computer and network use in the 21st century, making education programs such as this indispensable.

The research also showed the IT sector will continue to grow over coming years and is expected to employ over half a million Australians by 2005, by which time the industry will be worth $37 billion.

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