E-business rises in Eastman

E-business rises in Eastman

Eastman Software has mixed some of the benefits of sophisticated customer relationship management (CRM) in its new update to its Enterprise Report Management (ERM) tool to help companies develop a successful e-business.

Designed to capture standard reports and print data streams that are then repurposed for productive knowledge-management applications, ERM allows data to be indexed, retrieved and distributed across the enterprise.

"Being able to disseminate and share information electronically allows for an increase in organisational efficiency and thus an increase in the velocity of information flow to the right people. Our ERM product will help companies better manage internal and external communications and provide faster, easier and more secure access to critical information," said Ellen Rome, vice-president and general manager of enterprise customers and e-commerce at Eastman Software.

Reports can be put into the system at rates of up to two million pages per hour using version 3.2, and some searches can now be performed 50 times faster.

Index searches can now be performed across all documents and lists of up to 2000 hits are supported. Extended security support capabilities also allow for greater discrimination as to who sees important data.

Eastman Software's ERM 3.2 adds support for Microsoft's Visual Studio 6.0, Netscape 4.0, Internet Explorer 5.0, Acrobat and Acrobat Exchange 4.0 with support for most Roman languages, including English, German and French.