Bank starts $16m refit with workflow

Bank starts $16m refit with workflow

The Bank of Queensland has begun a comprehensive $16 million project for enabling back-end systems for electronic commerce with successful implementations of workflow and middleware applications.

The first phase of the project involved the installation of workflow software from Staffware throughout its centralised loan processing areas and network of 95 Queensland-wide branches, in tandem with a $1 million mainframe integration using the Tuxedo server from BEA Systems.

John Dawson, CEO of the Bank of Queensland, said the Staffware project had produced a "precisely executed transition" with seven months of development but only two weeks of implementation.

"From day one, our staff have been aware of the bank's IT redevelopment objectives and a comprehensive training programme prior to going live has given staff total confidence in the new system," he said.

Mr Dawson said a key factor in the decision to approve Staffware was the compatibility of Staffware's workflow solutions with other systems the bank will introduce over coming months as it fully upgrades its IT infrastructure.

BEA's Tuxedo has provided a messaging infrastructure to integrate the bank's existing Fujitsu mainframe with all new applications purchased as part of its redevelopment program, along with an Oracle database and two IBM SP2 servers.

"BEA products and support will enable the bank to offer new services and a smoother interface for customers. This will ultimately give us a competitive advantage in the dynamic banking industry," said Richard Maes, general manager IT and operations for the Bank of Queensland.

Consultants from both vendors will continue to work on integration of further applications in the $16 million redevelopment.

Mr Dawson said that the bank will extend the workflow and middleware applications to other areas of its operation over the next few months. An enhanced credit enquiry system was introduced at the end of June, and this is to be followed by workflow systems for internal cheque processing functions.

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