Open Text adds 'hyperinnovation' to the IM lexicon

Open Text adds 'hyperinnovation' to the IM lexicon

With the release of the latest Intranet-based application from Open Text, we also have a new term for the lexicon of modern information management: 'hyperinnovation'.

According to Charles Lattuca, general manager of Open Text in Australia, the term refers to "accelerating innovation to the fastest possible speed".

The latest release of Open Text's core product, called Livelink, "will enable organisations to effectively manage corporate knowledge and promote collaboration by encouraging and accelerating innovation across the enterprise".

He said Livelink 8.1 features project calendars, directory synchronisation and Microsoft BackOffice certification, as well as advances in 'traditional' technologies such as compound document support. The Web-based application is fully scalable, allowing tens of thousands of users across intranets and extranets.

"Livelink 8.1 reflects Open Text's ongoing dialogue with our customers around the world.

"We have made enhancements to Livelink that meet and exceed their demands, resulting in a product which enables enterprise-wide collaborative knowledge management.

"Solutions such as Livelink facilitate the development of the hyperinnovative organisation," he said. "Such an enlightened organisation creates a dynamic culture that nurtures, challenges and empowers workers with the wisdom to make effective decisions."