DM, portals take off

DM, portals take off

The document management industry is going from strength to strength, and it is being energised by the overnight success of the enterprise information portal concept, according to a report commissioned by the American Institute for Information Management (AIIM) from the Gartner Group (see page 80 for a full report).

The idea of the corporate portal has also spread like wildfire through the knowledge management and business intelligence industries, with Australia becoming a hub of activity in the burgeoning field.

Since Image & Data Manager's last report (May/June 1999, page 12), a raft of new players have entered the space in Australia, including US vendors Information Advantage, Excalibur and Autonomy, from diverse backgrounds.

Autonomy will make its first appearance in Australia as an exhibitor at the IKMS '99 show in Brisbane in August with its Portal-in-a-Box.

Excalibur, which is a document management vendor which specialises in multimedia content, has allied with Fujitsu Australia Software Technologies to deliver its RetrievalWare software in this region.

This issue's comprehensive report on portal products begins on page 22.