Keeping track of finances over the Net

Keeping track of finances over the Net

In the world of finance, where interest rate changes can make brochures redundant before they reach the shelves and speed of transactions is crucial, an intranet is a godsend.

Not only can they disseminate information simultaneously across branch networks, they can provide up-to-the-minute information on the processing of customer requests.

The finance sector, traditionally paper-intensive, is embracing intranet technologies with enthusiasm and making large-scale investments in new technologies.

According to BancTec's general manager of Asia Pacific, Greg Howell, the intranet is the way forward for large, branch-based organisations.

"When combined with Internet-enabled workflow solutions such as Plexus, the intranet allows work to flow between departments with greater speed than ever before and accessibility is improved because all employees are operating with the same open systems network. Speed and accessibility are the keys to providing exceptional customer service.

"In the Australian financial environment, many organisations see customer service as the key to maintaining client relationships.

"Time is an ever diminishing commodity for many customers and the ability to provide an instantaneous response to customer inquiries would be a boon for any finance company."

Edward Jones is the latest financier to adopt an intranet-based branch office support system.

With over 3,800 branches across the US and Canada and plans to expand to 10,000 offices in the next decade, the intranet has proved a powerful tool for the firm.

This year Edward Jones will begin rolling out an intranet-based transaction management system with Plexus as its workflow and services partner.

"Edward Jones, the US's fastest growing investment company, should serve as an example to Australian financial organisations of what can be achieved when intranet technology is combined with powerful software," Mr Howell said.

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