Paper-to-internet scanning application

Paper-to-internet scanning application

HummingBird Communications has announced Common Ground Paper2Web, a scanning application for enterprise intranets.

Paper2Web converts paper documents to digital paper, a portable, Web-ready file format that preserves the original appearance of a document and can be viewed through any Java-enabled browser.

When combined with the Common Ground Web Publisher, Paper2Web offers an automated solution for publishing paper documents directly to an intranet.

Paper2Web converts scanned documents to DigitalPaper using any TWAIN or ISIS compliant document scanner. Paper2Web includes an accurate optical character recognition (OCR) engine, enabling the text of the document to be searched across multiple computing platforms.

Paper2Web supports the conversion of black and white, greyscale and colour documents and also converts electronic images such as TIFF, JPEG, BMP.

A 30-day trial version is available for download from