Event expands to cover 'complete loop' solutions

Event expands to cover 'complete loop' solutions

The exhibition and conference for the Automatic Data Capture Association will be staged at the Sydney Convention and Exhibition Centre, Darling Harbour on August 26 and 27, this year.

Called the 'Data Capture & Info Management Expo', the event will combine automatic data capture solutions and technologies as well as image and document management.

Some 50 per cent of the space is booked by Kodak, IBM, Fuji Xerox, Tower and ACA Pacific. All exhibitors are being encouraged to present visitors with complete solutions, more so than focusing on individual equipment and products.

"This is an event to present management in general with systems solutions for real work-a-day problems experienced with data management," explained exhibition organiser, David Kyle.

Information on automatic data capture, image and document management, multimedia presentations, computer telephony integration, electronic and hard copy output through to automated mailing will be included in the exhibition.

"Data capture is only half the story," said Mr Kyle. "The challenge now lies in managing - accessing, disseminating and storing the data - which is where image and document management comes to the fore.

"This event is designed to present both sides of the picture and to demonstrate complementary technologies," he said.

Exhibition organisers, Practical Marketing, has already begun preparation for a two-day image and document series, with the keynote address presented by AIIM.

Three seminar programs will also be running in conjunction with the exhibition, to be staged independently by individual specialist associations, each running their seminars concurrently.

These include a two-day seminar stream for data capture endorsed by the Automatic Data Capture Association, a three-day program endorsed by Xplor, the Electronic Printing and Imaging Association and a two-day series of seminars dedicated to document and image management.

For registration and information on the exhibition or conference contact The Practical Marketing Group, phone (02) 9958 1811, fax (02) 9958 2579.