HP scanner with EDM software

HP scanner with EDM software

Hewlett-Packard is offering a cost free evaluation on client's businesses, to identify areas of saving with EDM control and archiving facility.

This solution incorporates a HP scanner bundled with software from Instant Document Retrieval (IDR) called DocTrieve.

"The process involves scanning documents, indexing and writing to CD or medium of your choice," said IDR's Earl Woolley.

The Australian-developed DocTrieve operates in five forms - a desktop software capture solution; a bureau configuration; a turnkey solution for DM; a mobile service for sensitive documents; and the back-up of images and data to an offsite location for security.

The bureau, in-house turnkey operation and mobile service can scan up to 100 double sided ppm, and index by OCR, Zonal OCR, barcode, OMR, ICR forms removal, data entry and security entry.

"Once your documents are written to CD, you can then send the hard copy to a remote storage location to reduce storage costs or destroy the documents," continued Mr Woolley.

"DocTrieve has addressed both these concerns plus many more," he said.

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