AIIM's aim

AIIM's aim

AIIM - the Association for Information and Image Management - is the leading global association bringing together the users of document technologies with the providers of that technology.

Its focus is on helping users understand document technologies and how they can be applied to improve critical business processes.

AIIM International president john Mancini told the conference his aim was to "build a world class global association with so much member value that people would join even if we didn't have the AIIM Show and Conference".

AIIM is also plays a key role in the development of standards for imaging, workflow and document management. Members are entitled to access to the latest publications on the industry, free AIIM event admission, participation on AIIM standards committees, access to AIIM's 30,000 article industry abstract database and access to the AIIM Resource Center.

For information on how to join AIIM Australasia, see the AIIM News section on page 36.