PC DOCS announces document management enterprise suite

PC DOCS announces document management enterprise suite

Educom has announced the release of DOCS Open 3.5, the DOCS Enterprise Suite.

Uniting the DOCS Open document manager with DOCS Imaging and DOCS Routing, the DOCS Enterprise Suite combines the power of enterprise document management, desktop imaging and document routing in one integrated product.

From on source, customers can manage critical information, capture digitised images, and route documents to others directly from the DOCS Open Desktop or from within their desktop applications.

The DOCS Enterprise Suite combines enterprise document management, desktop imaging and document routing in one product.

"The DOCS Enterprise Suite provides customers with a comprehensive environment to build high value document management applications with one CD, one installation, one API and one set of administrative features," said Educom managing director, David Libesman.

"This translates to fast redeployment, minimal user training, ease of maintenance, and most significantly, strong ROI for our customers," he said.

DOCS Imaging captures single or multiple page images for viewing on the DOCS Open desktop.

These digitised images are fully integrated with the document management functionality of the DOCS Enterprise Suite.

All annotations are recorded in the documents audit trail in DOCS Open, and captured along with the image.

DOCS Imaging enables users to view colour or greyscale images from various sources, including faxes, scanned documents or imported bitmap images.

Built-in Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology based on the Xerox Text Bridge engine enables customers to index and retrieve these documents by their contents.

It also includes a variety of editing features such as highlighting, sticky notes, text lines and rubber stamps. The product is fully extensible for customised applications.

DOCS Routing offers users a solution for routing documents and project folders to others for document approval, review and collaboration.

Users can create sequential, parallel or broadcast routes directly from the DOCS Enterprise Suite desktop or a desktop application. Customers can track the status of their routes, and capture all route activity, throughout the route.

DOCS Routing does not require an underlying email system for document transport, and therefore makes collaborative routing not only possible, but also efficient in organisations with multiple email implementations.

The DOCS Enterprise Suite is built upon DOCS Open. DOCS Open Release 3.5 includes core enhancements, including expansion of the DOCS Open Integration Toolkit, and extensive Adobe Acrobat support.

Additional APIs in the area of image manipulation and workflow have been incorporated into the DO-IT toolkit.

A new Open Text Retrieval (OTR) API has been added to support full text vendors such as Fulcrum and Excalibur, and to support Asian language search languages including Chinese, Japanese and Korean.

The DOCS Enterprise Suite is priced at $850 per client without the runtime SQL Database and $995 with the SQL Database.

Server pricing is $6995 with the SQL Database and $8995 with the SQL Database.

For further information call Educom on 02 9957 5833.