DMS, imaging & workflow event for Singapore

DMS, imaging & workflow event for Singapore

The 3rd annual Pan Asia Conference on Workflow and Image Processing Systems and the 2nd annual Pan Asia Conference on Electronic Document Management Systems have been combined this year in the Document management, imaging and workflow conference scheduled for May 12 to 15 at the Oriental Hotel, Singapore.

This three-day event will focus on how an organisation can make use of EDM systems integrating imaging and workflow to streamline their operations, and in turn reduce costs and increase productivity.

The first day will be a general session, discuss-ing electronic imaging and filing, changing communications paradigms and the impact of evolving standards on records management.

The following two days will be structured into two streams.

The first, concentrating on banking, finance and insurance, discusses such issues as the role of document conversion bureaus and image-based document processing.

The second stream concentrates on document management in government, utilities, engineering and telecommunications organisations, with discussions on the increased efficiency, productivity and security achieved with EDM solutions.

Case studies from government departments and private companies show some success stories using EDM, imaging and workflow.

For further information on the conference telephone AIC Conferences on (65) 3 222 700 or fax (65) 223 3554.