Motiva talks BizTalk

A Microsoft BizTalk schema for data and workflow process exchange between technical applications and other core enterprise business systems is being established by Motiva Software. The schema will enable companies to implement end-to-end change management processes that drive engineering changes throughout the supply chain, regardless of each participant's information technology infrastructure, according to the company.

The Motiva schema facilitates access, management and sharing of business-critical information between SAP R/3 enterprise resource planning (ERP) and Motiva DesignGroup systems. The schema also enables collaboration between DesignGroup and other BizTalk-enabled systems.

Introduced by Microsoft in March 1999, the BizTalk Framework is designed to allow businesses to exchange information between software applications and conduct business over the Internet with trading partners and customers.

BizTalk includes a design framework for implementing an XML schema and a set of XML tags used in messages sent between applications.

Motiva products are sold in Australia by the CAD Group.


Missing eLinks

Two new eLink front-office adapters for Portal Software and BroadVision have solidified BEA Systems' position in the market for front-office applications.

These new adapters are for the Portal Intranet real-time customer management and billing solution and the BroadVision One-To-One applications for relationship management.

They join existing adapters for Vantive, Clarify, and Oracle, and those for back-office and legacy environments.

The eLink suite of front-office adapters enables customers to integrate their front-office applications with key processes, platforms, back-office, and other front-office applications from the Web to the mainframe.

The BEA eLink suite also integrates with other businesses to speedily capitalise on business-to-business e-commerce opportunities.

ELink eliminates the cost of programming complex application interfaces and enables Web and e-commerce integration through BEA WebLogic Server.


NEXstep for Viewlocity

Viewlocity has acquired NEXstep, a US-based provider of e-fulfilment software. The acquisition strengthens Viewlocity's expertise in the Internet supply chain for "e-tailers"(B2C) and B2B e-business. The technology ties the front-end Web site with back-end delivery for the supply chain to automate the sales to fulfilment process.

This first US acquisition will see Viewlocity establish another R&D centre in the Americas. NEXstep was incorporated in 1998 to provide e-tailers with a turnkey fulfilment solution.