ARMO Preps eDiscovery Business Intelligence System

ARMO Preps eDiscovery Business Intelligence System

October 27, 2008: ARMO is talking up the release of its new eDiscovery business intelligence document management system, saying the new solution combines cutting-edge business intelligence with the ease of use of a document management system.

Currently in BETA, ARMO says that the software will address the shortcomings of BusinessObjects report's document management, as it will enable the management of an organisation's unstructured BO information, wherever that information exists.

ARMO eDiscovery features check in and out from document repository and version management, records management features such as indexing of information, record retention and deletion schedules, and the use of standardised meta-data for unambiguous identification and description of stored information. The company says that it will also have Google-like document search functionality.

The solution has both server and client components, with the client endowed with a web interface and able to be accessed by browsers such as Firefox, Safari and Internet Explorer.

ARMO eDiscovery is targeted at mid-size companies that have implemented business intelligence as well as small businesses such as pharmacies, law offices, and doctors' offices that have a database implemented or have a lot of unstructured data that needs to be managed.

While currently in architecture design & development phase, ARMIO claims a full version for business intelligence is expected to be available shortly.

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